Ore was developed to provide cost-effective and long-lasting painted sheet metal alternatives to expensive and unpredictable natural metals. Ore will not tarnish, discolor, or rust - making it the perfect option for clean, elegant metal architecture. Ore is a great alternative to metals like brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc, and anodized aluminum. Ore is available in a wide range of colors and glosses on aluminum.

Azurite Ore
Black Ore (Matte)
Bronze Ore (Matte)
Brass Ore
Brushed Grey (Dark)
Carbon Ore (Matte)
Champagne Ore (Matte)
Chromium Ore (Matte)
Cinnamon Ore (Matte)
Cobalt Ore (Matte)
Copper Ore (Matte)
Desert Ore (Glossy)
Emerald Ore
Golden Ore
Graphite Ore
Iron Ore (Glossy)
Jade Ore (Matte)
Mercury Ore (Matte)
Mineral Ore
Platinum Ore
Quartz Ore (Matte)
Rose Ore
Sapphire Ore
Silver Ore (Matte)
Slate Ore (Matte)
Titanium Ore
Topaz Ore
Zinc Ore (Matte)
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