K5 offers a full range of PVDF paint options that replicate the appearance of naturally weathering metals, such as steel, copper, and zinc. While rusted metal has become widely used in architecture, it comes with many dangers and risks. Rusting metals can corrode, leading to leaks. K5's PVDF coating provides lasting protection to the aluminum substrate. Natural rust can drip from roofs and run down walls, staining the surrounding materials and sidewalks. With K5 there is no rust, so there is no staining.

Aged Copper
Aged Penny
Black Rust
Classic Rust
Colorado Rust
Copper Verde
Costa Rust
Dark Patina Copper
Grande Ridge
Grande Patina
Grande Rust
Mediterranean Copper
Mesa Copper
Metallic Rust (Low Gloss)
Mojave Rust
Old Sierra Rust
Old World Patina
Pacific Copper
Ranchero Rust
Raw Rust
Rebel Rust
Red Rust
Rocky Mountain Rustic
Running Metallic Rust
Running Rustic Patina
Running Rustic Ridg
Rustic Copper
Rustic Galvanized
Rustic Green
Rustic Jade
Rustic Patina
Rustic Ridge (Low Gloss)
Rustic River
Rustico (Low Gloss)
Rusty Creek
Sedona Copper
Tropical Patina
Weathered Zinc
White Rust
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